Ecommerce Websites that Sell Products!

Want to take advantage of selling your products and services online? We design and build ecommerce stores that sell and upsell your products and services.

Make Money With Your Website

Since your website should be acting just like a full-time salesperson who never sleeps, it should also be able to close the sale and collect the payments at all times of the day and night. We design and engineer ecommerce websites to guide your customers through the process and close the sale at the end.

Selling Online

Your online store should be just as engaging, if not more so than a brick and mortar store. Your customer needs to be easily drawn into the excitement of shopping, eagerly anticipating reveling the next item or treasure. This can be accomplished with a carefully designed customer experience that anticipates each step of the process.

Most items are purchased on impulse, so your online store needs to make it logical and easy for the customer to finalize the purchase and check out as hassle free as possible. Nothing results in more abandoned carts than a complex account creation and checkout process.

The presentation of your products are another critical feature of a top ranked ecommerce store. Are the product particulars easily found and viewable? Videos can go a long way towards putting the shopper at ease. View Sample Cart

Elements of an Online Store

For a business to be successful online, its needs more than just placing items for sale on its website. For an ecommerce website to be successful, it needs to appeal, captivate, and guide its customers through the ordering process.

  1. Design and Layout: the design of the website should be engaging and easy to navigate. The desired shopping experience needs to be included during the design process along with a layout that takes into account the opportunity to include add-ons and upsell during the checkout process.
  2. Product Database: while this is probably the least glamourous part of a website, the performance of the databases that contain your products is a critical component of your online store. This will determine how fast your product load, how easy it is to update your products, and how easy it is to maintain inventory levels.
  3. Payment Processing: accepting and processing payments online is critical for 99% of businesses. Selecting the right processor will determine everything from which cards are accepted and the amount of the fees.
  4. Secure Communications: ensuring that sensitive personal data and payment information is only sent via secure and encrypted methods is critical. Including the latest SSL technology is part of every ecommerce website,
  5. Order Management: a shopping cart should do more than just list and sell products, it should also be a place that customers can come back to check on the status of the order, obtain tracking information from, and easily place reorders.
  6. Reviews: including customer reviews alongside your products goes a long way towards helping new customers decide if this product is for them. Solicitating and posting customer reviews should be part of any ecommerce store.

Our Preferred Ecommerce Solutions


The perfect solution for smaller stores and new startups.

Typical Price Range: $5,000 to $15,000


Our most popular solution for stores of most sizes. 

Typical Price Range: $10,000 to $25,000


The possibilities are almost unlimited. Custom solution for all store sizes.

Typical Price Range: $17,500 to $50,000+

Ecommerce Advanced Features

A properly engineered online store should include a variety of different methods and opportunities to provide your customers exactly what they want. Below are some of the many types of advanced methods and opportunities that we try to incorporate into our online stores.

Advanced ecommerce features that will transform your store into a world class store and boost sales.

*Not all features can be included together into a single store.

Subscriptions / Memberships

Add recurring revenue streams to your business with product or service subscriptions built right into the shopping cart. Enable customers to setup and manage their own subscriptions easily. Or setup memberships that enable your customers to be part of something exclusive with special benefits and pricing.

Dynamic and Conditional Pricing

Offer special pricing for bulk orders or make special exclusive products and services only available once a certain dollar amount has been reached or quantity is added to the cart. This is a great method for encouraging your customers to increase the size of their orders. 

Product Bundles / Composite Products

There are many opportunities to increasing sales by bundling products into kits, or offering customizable products with multiple configuration options.

Wish Lists / Pre-orders / Wait Lists

Another excellent opportunity to get customers interested is by offering pre-orders, letting customer save interest items to wish lists, and enabling out of stock items to be added to wait lists.

Smart Coupons / Points & Rewards

Get higher conversion rates with smart coupons and rewards programs that help entice the customer to finalize the sales.

Product & Checkout Add-ons

Many customers are not aware of potential add-ons the products that they are buying, so being able to display these add-ons both while viewing the product and then again during check-out will result in higher sales.

Integrated Shipping & Tracking

Link your shipping accounts directly into your shopping cart to provide real time shipping costs to your customers. Linking your shipping accounts will also enable your customers to view tracking information once the products have shipped. 

Post Sales Automatic Follow-ups

Forgetting to follow up with your customers after your products have been delivered? We can set your cart to do this automatically. This will help nurture your existing customers and lead them towards additional sales.

Abandoned Cart Follow-ups

A significant number of people who add products to the shopping cart then abandon the cart. We can help you to recover many of these abandoned carts by sending reminder emails.

Returns and Warranty Management

Manage your RMA and warranty processes right from your shopping cart. Allow your customers to request return authorization requests in their store accounts.


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Ecommerce Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brand Marketing?

Brand Marketing is the management of the overall experience that a customer has from the initial research through the ownership and final departure. Each phase of the customer journey offers opportunities and challenges.

What sets Brand Marketing apart?

Brand Marketing focuses on every aspect of the customer’s journey as they interact with your company and its products and services. What is the perception that you desire your customer to have of your company? This is what will define your brand. 

What is the customer journey?

Whether you are considering buying a new car or a bar of soap, each customer goes through a journey that starts at the research phase moves on to the purchase of the product and then final progresses to either a departure from your product or continued repurchase. Understanding your customer’s journey will greatly help your appeal to each phase thereby increasing sales and maintaining repeat customers. Getting it wrong will almost surely result in missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

How long till I start to see results?

Building a Brand is an intensive endeavor and not something built overnight. Building a brand is developing customer expectations. This means analyzing every aspect of your customer’s journey and how you will market your products and services at each phase. Results could take months or even years.

Why choose a Brand Marketing plan?

A Brand is much more than just a logo and a fancy font for a company name. A Brand stands for everything that a company represents and it encompasses its products, services, goals, vision, culture, and core values. A truly successful company creates an image that elicits certain emotions in its customers. This image or Brand is what a Brand Marketing plan defines and then communicates to the company’s customers to convince them to purchase its offerings. If you are looking at building a successful company that presents a certain image, then a Brand Marketing plan is a must! 

What size company should invest?

Every company, no matter what size they are should carefully consider how they want their customer to view them. Most companies have multiple other company’s competing for their customers. Considering how you can stand out from your competitors and developing a plan to implement this is what Brand Marketing is all about. The better you understand what triggers your customers, the better you can appeal to them and convince them to purchase your products and services.