Print Designs that Promote You!

Printed marketing materials are still some of the most effective marketing materials that produce results. From a simple business card to a multi-page brochure, quality designed and printed materials boost your business image and brand. 

Reaching Your Audience

Printed pieces are the perfect tool for distributing in person by hand at events, shows, sales meetings, and to interested customers. A business card, brochure, or flyer is something customers can touch, keep, and pass on to others. It enables potential customers to review your business products and services at a later date when they have time to reflect and make an informed decision about which company they will proceed with.

Offline Marketing

What’s the point of print marketing when you can do it digitally? Well digital marketing didn’t end print, it simply changed how we should use print for marketing. True, many print materials like newsletters have almost completely disappeared, there are still many cases where a printed material influenced the buying decision. According to INMA, 82% of buyers trust print ads when making a purchase decision, more than any other medium. Here are a couple of reasons why every marketing and sales person should use printed materials to help close sales:

  • Print marketing is more trusted than digital marketing.
  • Printed materials are excellent reference materials.
  • Print is permanent and not easily forgotten.
  • Unlike a digital ad, a printed ad does not disappear.
  • Print adds substance and builds trust in your brand. 
  • It’s tangible and attention grabbing.
  • Print is very inexpensive and has staying power.

Contact us today to add printed marketing materials to your marketing tool kit.

Why Every Business Needs a Website

Maybe you get all your leads through referrals and you don’t sell online, or you use one of the Social Media platforms to communicate. Does this mean you really don’t need a website?

  1. Perceived Value:the first place most potential customers, vendors, and other people you do business with, is your website. They all want to see what you are all about. Not only does a website with proper and current information validate your business, but it also an opportunity to sell your services and products again. Don’t be complacent, stay up to date!
  2. Business Goals:your website is the ideal place to clearly describe your products, services, and the process how you conduct business. Here you can provide support, information, and engage with your customers at all hours of the day or night.
  3. Customer Communication:customer service is what defines businesses more than almost anything else. Customer service starts with good communications, the customers want to know that you stand behind your services and products. A good website assists your business countless ways, including detailed instructions, answering frequently asked questions, software updates, and live chat services that you can answer with your cellphone or even contract out.
  4. 24/7 Sales Representative:a good website will keep “selling” your products and services long after your sales people have gone home for the day. Even if you don’t sell online, you are still “selling”, the customers can fill out a contact form, live chat, or call you back to close the transaction. Plus, the added benefit is that a website does not draw a salary.
  5. Leveling the Playing Field: a well-designed and maintained website goes a long way towards helping potential customers go with your products or services. This enables companies of different sizes to more effectively complete with each other.

100% Unique & Custom

We custom design and code every part of your website providing you with an accurate representation of your brand.

Increased Conversions

Our approach to website design is guaranteed to attract visitors, generate leads, and convert prospects 24/7.

Easy to Update

All our websites are built with content management systems enabling easy user updates and enhancements.

Mobile Responsive

Fully responsive website designs that ensure you reach mobile and tablet users. Our custom designs work on all smart devices.

Call To Actions

Just like your sales people need to ask for the sale when talking with a potential customer, so should your website. The most effective ways to achieve this is with well-placed and appropriate Call-to-Actions. Below are some of the many types of Call-to-Actions that we try to incorporate into each of our website designs.

Examples of Call-To-Action elements we try to incorporate into our website designs.

*Not all Call-To-Action features are included in all website designs.

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If you would like a quote on a differnent type of website or already have a layout, please fill out the form below to request a custom quote.

Please be as detailed as possible. This will help us to determine what services would work best for your application. Once we start with the quote, we will need to setup a call to review all the details. Depending on the requirements, a consultation fee maybe required.

Website Design Frequently Asked Questions

What is Brand Marketing?

Brand Marketing is the management of the overall experience that a customer has from the initial research through the ownership and final departure. Each phase of the customer journey offers opportunities and challenges.

What sets Brand Marketing apart?

Brand Marketing focuses on every aspect of the customer’s journey as they interact with your company and its products and services. What is the perception that you desire your customer to have of your company? This is what will define your brand. 

What is the customer journey?

Whether you are considering buying a new car or a bar of soap, each customer goes through a journey that starts at the research phase moves on to the purchase of the product and then final progresses to either a departure from your product or continued repurchase. Understanding your customer’s journey will greatly help your appeal to each phase thereby increasing sales and maintaining repeat customers. Getting it wrong will almost surely result in missed opportunities and dissatisfied customers.

How long till I start to see results?

Building a Brand is an intensive endeavor and not something built overnight. Building a brand is developing customer expectations. This means analyzing every aspect of your customer’s journey and how you will market your products and services at each phase. Results could take months or even years.

Why choose a Brand Marketing plan?

A Brand is much more than just a logo and a fancy font for a company name. A Brand stands for everything that a company represents and it encompasses its products, services, goals, vision, culture, and core values. A truly successful company creates an image that elicits certain emotions in its customers. This image or Brand is what a Brand Marketing plan defines and then communicates to the company’s customers to convince them to purchase its offerings. If you are looking at building a successful company that presents a certain image, then a Brand Marketing plan is a must! 

What size company should invest?

Every company, no matter what size they are should carefully consider how they want their customer to view them. Most companies have multiple other company’s competing for their customers. Considering how you can stand out from your competitors and developing a plan to implement this is what Brand Marketing is all about. The better you understand what triggers your customers, the better you can appeal to them and convince them to purchase your products and services.